Richard Kay Publications is a small family-run publishing house that my father began back in 1970.  His first titles included a series of 'The History of Boston' booklets.   His main aim was to spread the word of Boston and Lincolnshire's history to those far beyond Lincolnshire, UK.   Some of these booklets have been reprinted due to demand and remain in print today.

In November 2007, I launched 'Kay Books', an online bookshop, to promote these books in the worldwide market and have introduced many titles from other publishers who I feel offer books of a similar nature and am pleased to say we now list well over 280 different titles relating to aspects of Lincolnshire history. 

In 2012, my father, then aged 87, passed his publishing business to me and I continue to publish, keeping alive his desire to preserve local history that may otherwise have been lost.  My first publication was 'Spirituall Concupiscence': John Cotton's English Years, 1584-1633 by Jesper Rosenmeier and was simultaneously published in the UK and in USA.   John Cotton was minister of St Botolph's (The Stump) from 1612-33 before sailing to America for religious freedom. 

As celebrations are planned in and around Boston, MA (and in the UK) for the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower I hope to reprint another significant book 'William Brewster, Father of New England' by Rev'd Harold Kirk-Smith, which was first available in 1992.

Recently I connected with Sue Allan, Official Historian at Scrooby Manor, who delighted in telling me that it was reading 'William Brewster' that fed her interest and began her career in Puritan history. 

Please visit our website though there is much more detail on our sister site which has been in business since 2007.



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